Natural Born Leaders

Online training for Early Years Professionals and Primary Teachers.

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Natural Born Leaders

Natural Born Leaders (NBL) is a provider of online hands-on training programs for early years practitioners, primary teachers and parents. It was founded by experienced teacher trainers, UK-certified EYPS and NVQ assessors, international keynote speakers, educational consultants, and play and learning space designers. 

With over 25 years of hands-on international experience in schools and preschool settings, NBL has run their own schools and nurseries, delivered high quality teacher training sessions, recruited passionate educators, organised empowering workshops, and hosted many support groups for parents.

NBL offers future-oriented world-class professional development training programs that are based on the most effective pedagogical and methodological approaches such as experiential learning, outdoor education, positive pedagogy, play-based child-led learning, enabling environments, cross-curricular education and multi-sensory learning.

Their mission is to help talented and ambitious teachers around the globe make a real change in the way early education is provided. They want all educators to have access to world class training that is practical and affordable. Their unique hands-on online programs help teachers implement changes right away without relying on or investing in special tools, resources, equipment or technology. 

NBL shows how to deliver high quality Holistic Education by taking advantage of local resources and environments. Their training programs are easily applicable and always relevant - regardless of the location and curriculum frameworks.

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A self-paced hands-on online training program for Early Years Professionals and Primary Teachers who are ready to offer future-oriented education based on active experiential holistic learning. 

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Please direct all of your questions regarding the Active Learning Booster to Witold from Natural Born Leaders at

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