Morton Michel’s children’s sports coaching insurance policy

Tennis coaching session in progress

Morton Michel’s children’s sports coaching insurance policy

One of the best things about supporting the childcare sector is knowing that it is an industry that really makes a difference to the world. Perhaps that has never been more important than today. For the past year, across the country, children have had to stay at home, with schools closed and opportunities for other activities limited by the restrictions put in place to control the spread of the virus. Now, as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, the focus is shifting to ensuring the UK makes as swift a recovery as possible.

A key part of this will be getting children active. After a year of being sat in front of laptop and tablet screens, children are badly in need of opportunities for physical exercise, not to mention face to face time with their peers. As a result, we are expecting a booming summer for the children’s activities industry and in particular children’s sports coaching, as parents look for ways to ensure their children are developing the habits that promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Taking up a regular sport can be transformative to both physical and mental health, providing children with an incentive to exercise and an opportunity to interact with others on a regular basis outside of a classroom environment. It also provides a chance for personal growth and a real feeling of achievement and progress, something that will be vital after a year in which everything has felt so static. 

Of course, sport has always been popular. According to research by UK Coaching, before the pandemic, literally millions of adults across the country, were already involved in some form of sports coaching, many of them with children, and now it looks like their work will be more valuable than ever. Everything from Saturday morning kick-abouts in the park, to street dance classes, to cross country running clubs have their part to play. Not only that, but individual coaches are increasingly being brought into schools to support the delivery of their PE programmes. This could be transformative, with research showing the real value that students receive from one-to-one or small group tuition.

Morton Michel’s policyholders will be a major part of this endeavour and we are doing all we can to make sure we are ready to support their efforts. With our new Children’s Sports Coach policy, we can insure both children’s sports clubs and individual sports coaches across over 150 different sports, from football to badminton, and includes multi-sport providers. Our coverage includes public liability and professional indemnity, as well as legal expenses insurance as standard. You can also choose to cover to protect equipment and participants’ personal accident cover. Moreover, our additional benefits package is designed to support individuals and businesses working with children, including free online training from Flick learning and free legal advice lines from ARAG, as well as access to our Childcare Club’s exclusive range of discounts.

The last year was incredibly challenging across the childcare and activities sector, and as the recovery progresses, we will be working to understand more about what has changed throughout the industry. This includes following the current debates about funding very closely, as well as engaging with leading figures across the sector, to make sure we are delivering what is needed and playing our part to support the recovery. 

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